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All Things Possible

All Things Possible is an organization started by Marine veteran Victor Marx. He and his team travel into war torn countries like Iraq and Syria to reach women and children, offering them support and supplies. They're also active in the United States, Nigeria, and Cambodia, among other places.  Their mission statement is to "Identify, Interrupt, and Restore Those Affected by Trauma".  They have provided over 44,000 comfort toys to children who have been displaced in internally displaced people (IDP) camps. They provide medical and surgery support for children who have suffered life-threatening trauma and deformity. They also give dignity kits to women who are dealing with the realities of life in a war environment.  Lastly, they help to provide housing, supplies...

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About Us

We are Loris & Megan, owners of Little Honey Bee & Co. We recently moved from the island of Hawaii to upstate South Carolina with our 3 kids and kitty. We started Little Honey Bee & Co. in 2019 after Loris was medically retired from the Army. We wanted to start a small business that would give back to the community while also leaving a legacy for our children. We are 100% unapologetically pro-life and donate 5% of our gross sales proceeds to pro-life organizations. We believe that life begins at conception.  Thank you for stopping by our family-owned business!

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We are 100% unapologetically pro-life and believe that life begins at conception. Our goal is to further the pro-life movement and educate others about the options that exist outside abortion. There are many resources that exist when a mother faces pregnancy. We hope to be a haven and source of hope for those who feel like they have no other option.  We work with and support organizations such as 'Let Them Live', 'Save The Storks', 'Live Action Org', 'Colorado For Life Official', 'Embrace Grace', among others. We fully stand behind and support these organizations and their causes. They are at the forefront of the pro-life movement and have helped so many women who have felt like they had no other options.

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