Father's Factory

Father's Factory is a family owned brand that offers magical moments to families around the world with our toy creations. Jimmy and Tammy started their design journey at Art Center College of Design. After their two daughters were born, Jimmy often built toys with cardboard for them to spark their creativity and imagination. Over time, these cardboard toys had become an important part of the girls’ lives. They decorated the cardboard castle and imagined it populated by flying dragons, fighting knights, and dancing princesses.

Seeing the many magical moments that his work bought to his family, Jimmy was inspired to spread the joy with parents and kids around the world. He started to design toys that would bring families together and create memories that would last lifetimes. Before we went into production, he spent about 3 years to design and prototyped the first line of product at his own "factory" (his garage), hence the name “Father’s Factory” was born.